Home Staging As a Career or a Business

Would you like to have a career or your own business in a relatively new field, one in which there is not already a glut of people already doing it? Do you have a knack for decorating homes or condos? Have you ever thought of the home staging niche of the real estate industry? If you have not, perhaps you should! What exactly is home staging? Please keep reading to find out.

A professional home stager has several duties. The primary one is to go into a home, which the owner is going to put up for sale, and do a thorough analysis of it. He or she will look for anything that might be unappealing to prospective buyers, then come up with ways to fix that. This process will involve the outside of the home as well as the inside. When they are finished, they will make recommendations to the home owner on how to improve the entire property so it is completely attractive to buyers.

Once the necessary repairs are made to a residence, the home stager will work on redecorating it. Again, the end goal is to make it as appealing to buyers as possible. This process may involve rearranging furniture and accessories that are already present, or it may involve bringing in totally different pieces. He or she will cap off the process by adding fine touches, such as fresh flowers in a suitable vase or attractive artwork. The home stager wants potential buyers who look at the home to get a warm, cozy, inviting feeling throughout the entire place. Happy customers have been simply amazed at the results of having a home stager come in and do their thing.

Although technically there are no stringent requirements for the education of a home stager, it is recommended they take some kind of formal training. There are special courses an interested party can take, for which they will receive a certificate. It may also be prudent to take some classes in interior design. The most important thing, in order to get started in home staging, is to have in-depth knowledge of what makes a home appealing to buyers.

Having a deep-seated passion for this is a great start. However, if someone wants to be hired by a reputable firm or start a credible business doing it, they would be much better off if they did seek an education from a noteworthy source in that industry. Typically, training is likely to be found amongst the real estate courses, as it is part of the real estate world.

A viable place to start if you want to become educated in this field is The Academy of Home Staging. Alternatives are QC Design School, CSP Home Staging Certification, or Home Staging Schools’ 21-Day HSR Certification. Any of these choices will provide a comprehensive education in this industry. There are also plenty of directories and resources online from which you can find a superb educational facility in the home staging world. Are you excited about this idea? If so, do not waste any time, get started on your new career path today!

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